Modular wooden storage box

Currently working on a CNC prototype

  • Anne, psychology student in Moabit

  • Ioannis, Designer in Neukölln

  • Marta, photographer in Friedrichshain

  • Emanuele, Developer in Friedrichshain

  • Jose, Designer in Mitte

  • 10119, Furniture Showroom in Mitte

  • Local production

    Produced by your local carpenter

  • For vinyls and folders

    Perfect size for your vinyls & folders

  • Durable Multiplex

    Made out of 11 wooden layers 

  • Modular system

    Thanks to its miters they can be stacked

  • Multi-purpose

    Stool, table or a shelf

  • Easy transport

    Your things are always ready to move

Made with Qards